First let's define what Real Food IS NOT:

  • Real Food IS NOT found in the ready-prepared frozen food section.
  • Real Food IS NOT in boxes, cans, bottles and bags on the grocery store aisles (especially from the center aisles).
  • Real Food IS NOT available from a drive-thru or even most restaurants.
  • Real Food SHOULD NOT contain artificial colors, preservatives, or chemicals

REAL Food IS prepared with fresh, non-refined ingredients and is best prepared by you.

The intent of this website is to help you define what Real Food is - for you. Because everyone's body is unique and we are all at different points along our health journey, only YOU can truly decide which Real Foods are ideal for your body at any point in time. Yet, once you are eating Real Food, you can eventually figure out what does and what does not work for you.

Here are some real food guidelines to get started on your healthy journey.