There were many books and documentaries that helped me discover truths along the way. On this page, I have listed documentaries and books that helped me to discover my way to my current diet and lifestyle.

I try to keep the links current, but if any are no longer active, simply search Netflix, Amazon or the web for the titles listed below.

Gerson Therapy Information:

The following three documentaries are very similar and they all feature Max Gerson. Gerson’s writings and those of his daughter can be found in ”The Gerson Therapy” book. These videos were real eye-openers for me. Yes, the main focus of Gerson Therapy is cancer treatment, but the principles that are used for healing cancer also heal other degenerative diseases. As Charlotte Gerson puts it, "when the body heals itself through eating natural foods it heals everything, it's not a selective therapy". Flood the body with nutrients and remove toxins is the basic principle.

You can view the following videos for FREE through Gerson's media website:
  1. The Gerson Miracle 
  2. The Dying to Have Known
  3. The Beautiful Truth

More information about The Gerson Institute can be found at their website.

Just a side note, but an amazing discovery for me during this journey that was such a pleasant surprise:
On page 16 of Jay Kordich’s “The Juiceman’s Power of Juicing” (The Green Juice book that I already owned and often referenced since 1991), Jay describes how he became the “Juiceman” and that Dr. Max Gerson was the doctor who had given him his cure!  WOW!  This was simply amazing to me.  This information had been in my possession for over 20 years, and just now was I learning about Dr. Max Gerson.  This just solidified the beliefs that I was had been grabbing on to…and it was findings like these that kept me on my search for my “own cure”.
Other Documentaries: (Most are available on Netflix and/or Amazon Instant Video.)
  1. Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead (60 day Juice Fasting – fascinating transformations)
  2. Forks over Knives (Plant-based eating; fascinating transformations)
  3. What The Health (Why healthcare is really "sick"care.)
  1. The Gerson Therapy: The proven nutritional program for cancer and other illnesses by Charlotte Gerson and Morton Walker, DPM
  2. The Juiceman’s Power of Juicing by Jay Kordich
This is where I started (in 2004) learning about how to improve my health. Please take a look at the information presented above and get a head start on improving your health.

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