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I called my city over a year ago and, yes, discovered they are using chloramine. Chloramine contains both chlorine and ammonia. We are drinking it and bathing in it! (Most city tap water contains a chemical called chloramine. It’s replacing the regular use of chlorine by most cities.)

I stopped taking showers in 2012 when I noticed that I was having trouble breathing in the shower and my eyes would be itchy and red afterwards. So I only take baths and I use a carbon filter ball. Currently I do not soak in my bathwater because I know that chloramine is in my water. I hope to soon have a home filtration system that will remove chloramine.

Drinking Water. It’s highly likely that even if you drink bottled, filtered & purified water…you are still drinking chloramine. All water labeled “drinking” and “purified” water is just filtered city tap water. And the filtration process that is used usually doesn’t remove chloramine. Chloramine cannot be removed through reverse osmosis* and regular carbon filtration processes.

One choice you can make for a better drinking water is to choose spring water that has not been treated by reverse osmosis* or any that has had chlorine added to it. While reviewing documentation that Ozarka (Nestle Waters) sent me I noticed that they treat their spring water with chlorine during shipment from the source and then filter it out prior to bottling. This doesn’t seem like a good idea to me, so it’s not one of my choices either. In addition, the pH of the water is 5.6 which is much too low. (Water should be at minimum a bit above 7 pH and you don't want to go much higher than 9 pH.)

Choose spring water that is pure and perhaps only had the following processes: “filtered with carbon, carbon block, or a sand filter, ozonating water or passing water by an ultraviolet light.” (

My favorite drinking water is Evamor. Yes, I know it’s quite expensive, but so are doctor visits and hospitals. I enjoy this water because of its naturally high alkalinity due to the mineral content. It’s not treated by reverse osmosis! Evamor water is bottled right at the source.

Don’t be fooled by water just because it claims to be alkaline. Many water companies, such as Smart Water, is just city tap water that has been treated using reverse osmosis* and then minerals have been added back to the water to increase the pH (alkalinity) of the water.

I believe that Reverse osmosis is NOT AN IDEAL CHOICE for drinking water…especially for long term. It DOES NOT hydrate the cells of our bodies well and it NO LONGER CONTAINS the necessary minerals that our cells require. In fact, it is void of all minerals and, as a result, has a lower pH than is ideal. Yes, this process can remove bacteria and even viruses (if the systems are well-maintained), but ideally we should not depend on it for daily drinking water. Read this article regarding the hypotonic (de-mineralized) properties of reverse osmosis water. (Specifically, see the answer to this question --> "Which of the three methods of water filtration, reverse osmosis, distillation or Berkey purification is the healthiest for drinking purposes?")

For more details about what’s in your water, please read the information at this webpage…

I do not receive compensation for referring you to any of these waters or websites, I just think they are the best choices and the websites provide some valuable information that can benefit us all. Please read the links, they include some really interesting facts about things such as cholesterol, skin and stomach problems and other various health issues.

Remember, water is an important nutrient. It's a liquid "food" and just like you want to eat REAL FOOD you want to drink REAL and "unprocessed" water.

RECOMMENDED Bottled "Natural Spring" Waters (that I found at my local grocery store):

Evamor Water 8.8 -9.1 pH
Mountain Valley Spring Water 7.68 pH
Crystal Geyser (least expensive) 7.3 pH
Evian 7.2 pH
Crazy Water  7.5 - 8.2 pH 
                     (I'm still doing my research, but I think it's NOT treated by Reverse Osmosis), Mineral Springs, TX
Just Water
Texas Rain Filtered Water