Paleo Diet (Grain Free)

Grain Free was my second step to healing after going gluten free.  Yet, I always would revert to the Paleo Diet (before I even knew there was a name for it) when I would cheat on my GAPS/SCD Diet by eating sweet potatoes.

So I was happy to discover that the Paleo Diet existed. I hear that many people believe that the Paleo Diet contains too much meat, but it only contains as much as you decide to eat.

Yes, this diet does put an emphasis on eating grass-fed and pastured animals, thus, avoiding commercial meats which are high in hormones and antibiotics. But I think this is just what it is emphasizing - that if you are going to eat meat, it's important to make the healthiest choices possible.

More so, when following a Paleo Diet you should also avoid dairy and legumes (both common allergens for many individuals, just like grains).

But, most importantly, this diet does emphasize eating REAL FOOD while avoiding all grains, and potatoes (more specifically sweet potatoes) are allowed to keep you feeling full.

The Paleo Diet has many other names also, such as the "Primal Diet" and the "Caveman Diet". So for the sake of simplicity, I like to simply use the term "Grain Free" when referring to this diet.

You can find more info about the Paleo Diet at the website of the Ultimate Paleo Diet.

NOTE: If you notice that this diet still isn't giving you the results that you hope for, you might want to take a look at the Candida Free Diet which is the diet I ultimately began following. This diet just might allow/contain too many sugars - even in the form of REAL FOOD. Also, if you have problems with FODMAP foods (which are likely to cause inflammation), be ware because the Paleo Diet contains many foods that are HIGH in FODMAPs (such as cauliflower, onions, avocado, garlic, sweet potatoes, coconut milk/water, honey - just to name a few which are all HIGH FODMAP Foods). Yet, it is possible to follow a LOW FODMAP Paleo Diet - just takes an extra bit of planning for substitutions.  If you have problems with FODMAPs, you should mostly stick to leafy green vegetables.

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