Gluten Free

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Is Gluten Free a fad diet? Not for many. Most often it's more than just an individual's choice, but a necessity. Only the person who chose this diet knows the true reason why they have made that decision. Also, for some, it's a helpful first step to one of the more strict healing diets.

Gluten is generally defined as the protein found in wheat, barley and rye.

To determine how gluten is affecting your body, I suggest avoiding wheat, barley and rye for a minimum of 2 weeks. I, my son and another family member have experienced great benefits by avoiding gluten.

Removing gluten from my diet was the first step I took before transitioning to the other healing diets.

But be forewarned, substituting commercial brands of store-bought breads and snack foods in order to go "gluten free" is not the best option. These commercial brands are processed and, thus, NOT REAL FOOD. If you decide to give the gluten free diet a try, might I suggest you make some REAL homemade breads using other grains or even grain free breads.

I believe that gluten free eating can be beneficial for everyone. Wheat is difficult to digest and along with corn products, it's highly recommended to be avoided while going through a liver cleanse. Another reason is that it's been hybridized so that it contains a much higher amount of gluten than it did originally. In fact, the amount of chromosomes have greatly increased. It's just not what it used to be. There are, supposedly, ways to get a more original form of wheat. Once such ancient grain is Einkorn Wheat.

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