My name is Shonda and I'm a wife and mother of three plus four dogs and a rabbit. Those facts make my life full in their own way, but add on top of that a condition which made me feel tired and sometimes unable to cope and ... well, I wasn't able to enjoy the full blessing of my family life. YET, things have changedI have discovered so much in just the last few years (since 2010) and I've improved my health and outlook TREMENDOUSLY!

To every visitor, I hope this website will help you find your path to a healthier you. I will continue to post updates,recipes including what to drink when eating a REAL FOOD diet and what I'm learning here and in my blog.

Please feel free to email me at shonda@realfoodanddrinks.com if you ever have any questions or need support and/or encouragement.

I didn’t get my diagnosis from a doctor.  So I felt it most important that I document “My Story”.  I need especially for my children to understand that this "disease" or condition is something that they must continue to be aware of.  That if my other two children do not have problems yet, that it’s still possible that their children might.  In fact, because I’m no longer eating gluten, most tests will not be able to confirm that I ever had any gluten sensitivity issues.  Yet, I know it to be true, because of my own discovery as described in my My Health Journey Page.

But, in my eyes it’s not a disease at all.  Because, from my point of view, if I had to be diagnosed with a disease – this is the best disease that I could be diagnosed with.  Why?  Because this is one disease that even doctors admit that the only solution and the only cure is FOOD.  Food avoidance in particular for me (and for many), but that just justifies that IT DOES MATTER what we eat. This is a fact that many people are not yet aware of - or don't fully believe.  Paying attention to what we put inside of our bodies is the most important thing we can do for ourselves.

It is highly likely that this condition and many other diseases (as a matter of fact) would not exist if there hadn’t been any genetic modifications made to wheat and many of the "other foods" that we eat can call food - BUT, they are NOT REAL FOOD.

My body, as is yours, is designed for REAL FOOD as it was originally meant to be grown and eaten without modifications and pesticides! Wheat, corn, and soy are NOT the only alstered and GMO foods. There are a multitude of highly processed and high pesticide foods that people take into their bodies that shouldn’t be eaten…which is why I started this journey in 2004.  My hope was that I would be able to find healing with REAL FOOD and to prove that what feeds we choose to eat does matter. I think I’m living proof of that now.

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